A surprise for both of us!!

Ok, I guess it's not really a surprise if you have been planning to get it for weeks, but oh well!! :) I saved all my (our) Christmas money so I could buy this beautiful baby!!

I cant wait to use it...I just need to find a recipe and some time!! Things have been pretty busy lately...Asher's party was so fun and he got lots of great toys, of course his favorite was the tray I made him, hehe!!

We also went to a birthday party for JoElyn (Farmer's Little Sis) yesterday...The Farmer got us both a present, tickets to Mamma Mia in Minneapolis in March!!! It is actually a present for the Farmer too, since he wont have to go!!! ha! I have been wanting to go again since Grease, and JoJo and I both LOVE Mamma Mia!! YEA!!!!

Ohh yeah back to the mixer...isn't it gorgeous?!?! I really hate to get it dirty....I would hate worse to have to hear the Farmer complain if I just let it sit on the counter as eye candy instead of making him some real candy!

The attachments!

Close up :)

Now, on to the Farmer's surprise!!
Boots!! The ugliest ones you've ever seen!! Since we have been experiencing below zero temps for awhile, he will come in from morning chores and wait about 30 minutes, at which point I do the toe test..they are always FREEZING!! I concluded he could get frost bite or one of those other really bad cold related things, so we went in search of some heavy insulated boots!

Bingo!! These hideous beasts are fully insulated and he can still get his thick socks in them...we also got some foot warmers but I'm not sure if he has used them yet?
He liked them so much, he wore them around the house Saturday night...i figured I might as well get a picture before they get covered in, well, you just take a guess ;)



  1. Ok, is it ok to say I would love to have the mixer AND a pair of them boots?
    Have fun with the mixer! I have one, but not that fancy, and not that pretty! lol.

  2. Gorgeous...of course I'm talking about the mixer... TM!