Back to the land of the living!!!

I am finally back to being a productive member of society...well I guess that all depends on how you define productive and society, but I am back all the same!! :) My magazine made it to the printer yesterday, and since I didn't get up from this computer all weekend (except to help out the indisposed Farmer due to an ice accident, which coincidentally resulted in my first visit to the ER!) I am taking the afternoon off, along with next Thursday and Friday to go to Rapid City, SD for the Black Hills Stock Show! Soo to occupy my time today, I have decided to bake Valentine cookies...stay tuned! But for now, I'll show you the yeast rolls I made last weekend...I can't find the recipe, but it was out of the Cooking Light Magazine...I'm pretty sure these doughs are all very similar and basically I just wanted to show off the pretty end product, so enjoy :)

I finally got a brush!! Thanks Elves!

MMMmmmm...and they tasted soooo Yummy!!! I will probably never make them again because it was WAY too much work but it was fun to photograph!! hehe!
p.s. For those of you worried about the Farmer, he severely sprained his ankle and fractured his wrist, but he is doing much better and even going back out for chores now! It looks pretty gross but I haven't talked him into any pictures yet!!


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  1. Those look so good! I like how you made them from scratch... if you find the recipe please post it or send it to me :)