Christmas with the Farmer's Fam!

"Baby" Seth can walk!! Yes, he will always be Baby Seth to me :)

Asher opening his present from us

A farm animal memory game!

The Farmer got a Shop Vac!

Asher trying on his Mom's hat!

We got Baby Seth some Little People Farm Toys..he likes the cows!

The Farmer had just woken up, can you tell ;)


I got another set to my Willow Tree Nativity!!

Here it is all together!

This was in my stocking!

and i got this from JoElyn (Farmer's lil' sis!)!!!! Do you think they know i LOVE popcorn!! :)

Sooo cute!!

mmmmm :)



  1. How come you didn't take any pictures of Farmer's Little Sister???

  2. She was sitting in the SUN and those pics didnt look good :)

  3. Those boys are so adorable :-) And I love Willow Tree figurines. I haven't gotten the nativity yet, but hopefully will get started on it next year!

  4. you spelled my name wrong! -Jo