Getting Dug Out!!!

Imagine my surprise when I look up from my morning cereal and see this (pics below)....My Farmer to the rescue!!! Now, i wasn't really surprised that he had come to clear the snow, I was more surprised that he brought a tractor. That must mean that there is ALOT more snow than usual! Normally, he just brings the skid loader...which by the way, I adore!!! I have no just makes me giggle uncontrollably every time i see anybody (mainly the Farmer) drive it!

I was excited for the driveway to be cleared (not that I even entertain the idea of leaving the house in this kind of weather!) but I was not so excited to see the mountain of snow, that is now the view from my office bay window, get even bigger!

Dear Spring, I know you're not due for a few more months, but just so you know, you are welcome anytime..aka: RIGHT NOW!!! :)

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