Weekend O' Fun!!

As previously mentioned, we went to the basketball game Friday night to watch our friend's little girl cheer!! She was soo adorable (back row, third from left) and I was excited to see some of my 4-H girls cheering as well!! :) We all went to eat at the Pizza Ranch for supper before the game and I asked J.J (the little brother) if we were gonna cheer loud for Emma? He informed me that Emma WAS the cheerleader!! Duh!! Silly me..hahaha!!

Saturday morning I went shopping with my next door neighbor, Leann! She had been begging for a girls day, and I needed one, so off we went!
The biggest part of the day was picking out my bridesmaid dress for Lacie's Wedding at David's...style 83707 in Sangria!! It is soo cute!

Yes, I have pics of the dress on me, but I decided to wait and show you the pictures from the actual wedding instead, in hopes that I get super hott by then..hehe!! :) I did, however, order the size I am now and not the size I plan on being by May...I have done that before (been THERE, barely fit into THAT!!), BAD idea ;)

When choosing the dress (yes! we got to choose the style we liked best! AWESOME!) I decided to go with something different (cue the pockets!!), since this is my 10th bridesmaid dress and I have never worn any of them more than once, I wanted something I could possibly re-wear. Although, I guess that is pretty much in a bridemaids dress job description..."Only to be worn on day of wedding!!" I do still have each and every dress and will treasure them and the time I had in them, always! I also feel the need to admit, there is a couple I could wear again...If I cut off half my body...I smell a 27 dresses inspired post!!! These, grouped with all my dresses from college formals, my bedroom back home seriously looks like a bridal shop, but I just can't bare to part with them!! Soo I decided I could pair this dress with a cute jean jacket and wear it again someday :) And even if does become another "wear then just stare," I still adore it and Lacie does too!! Check, check!!

After David's, we went to the mall and got a few things! I found a couple cute dresses for church and a much needed new pair of jeans!! Around 5 we decided we were "over it" and our feet needed a rest! Since I didn't want to come home to an empty house (The Farmer spent the day with his friend at the Sioux Empire Stock Show) we thought a movie would be a good plan! I had been patiently waiting for The Young Victoria to come to a theatre near me, and since it just had the day before, that's what we chose!!! It was soo good, but then again I'm really into history! And get this, Queen Victoria's dog was named Dash!!! :)

It's getting late!! Busy week ahead; WORK, photo shoot, Church's Annual Taco Feed & Auction, and going to the Black Hills Stock Show!! Can't wait!

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  1. Hi,
    I kind of came across your blog randomly while searching for a bridesmaid dress. :) Anyway, I am looking to purchase the dress featured in your posting (Davids Bridal Style #83707 - in Color: Sangria) size 8 or 10. I am not sure if you or any of the other girls in the wedding party have this available but will you please pass the information along. I need to find one for a wedding this November! And I am starting to freak out! :-/ Haha. You may email me at cbrown@cleary.edu

    Thank you so much!