Merritt's Room!

I started Merritt's room updates this summer and just now got finished with it!! Loved the way it turned out!! Here is a link to the before (link) I mainly just moved things around!!

this is the view from his doorway, I moved the bed to the wall with the window!

this is to the right of his doorway, moved the dresser over here.

I added some new artwork above the dresser! The train in the red frame was purchased last year at the Minnesota Transportation Museum when we went to see Santa, the train in the the middle was painted by my Great Aunt, and the cow painting was The Farmers, love how it all looks together!

I had to make a collage of his first big win!! He loves to look at this!

We decided to put his show saddle in his room, perfect for the cowboy theme!

This is what took so long to complete! I knew I wanted to find another vintage printer drawer (I have one in my room that I use for jewelry (link to post) but it took awhile to find another one and I also kept forgetting to check the antique store that I knew would have one!! So McCoy and I went yesterday and found the perfect one!! The blue boards with clips are from Target this summer, now he has a place to hang all his fun memories!

I spray painted it blue, added hangers on the back and it became 
the perfect shadow box for my little collector!!

These little animals are the main reason I wanted it, he has been collecting these for awhile and we were keeping them on the shelves above his bed, but McCoy liked to go in and throw them all over the room...I'm not even sure this is all of them...I will have to do a search and rescue!! For now, they are out of reach!! Love that there is lots of room for more of his treasures!

This desk used to be in my room growing up, many "masterpieces" were painted on it!! It's actually an old drafting table and the top lifts up! Merritt insisted it be his favorite color, red, so we painted it and added some star drawer pulls and it was complete!

check out that postcard from Santa!! 
It tells him all the things he needs to be doing in order to be on the nice list...
we refer to it alot!! hehe!!

I finally hung this up too! My Daddy gave it to me ages ago, it's actually meant to hang up halters in a tack room, but why not coats in a little boys room! And it's just his height! Cute cute!

This the poster from the first time we went to Cheyenne Frontier Days, just a few months before I met The Farmer! This version is actually my Daddy's, my Momma had it framed so nice, so I traded my not-so-nicely framed version for this one!! hehe! Thanks!!!

That's all I'm off to work on another project in my room!! 
Soo excited about it, so stay tuned!!


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