This and That!

"Look Momma I a witch!!"

silly baby!!

these boys!!

We had to go for a corn hunt in the field one afternoon to see what the chopper left behind!!

lots of corn treasure!

I was tidying up the kitchen and I went back to the bedroom to put my MOPS stuff away and I hear McCoy say he was hauling eggs! We have toy eggs, so I just thought, oh cute he's loaded up the wagon with his toy eggs...cut to him saying "oohhh they cold!!" ...I yelled "What?!?!" Merritt then squealed and said "Momma hes got your eggs!!" I ran in to see this!! He had gotten them out of the fridge all by himself! This second child is surely giving me a run for my money!!

supervising as the cross county team covered the silage pile!! 
They thought this was the coolest things ever!! :)

Haircuts for my shaggy boys!

Harvest picnic with our favorite farmer!!

silly cowboys ready for church!!

Little nuts!! :)

My Daddy is on his way to Iowa today to pick us up to head to Mississippi!! I have nothing packed...hmmm..better get started!! Stay tuned!! :)


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