This and That!

making hallowen brownies!

I should have gotten more Peeps! Oppss!

I had to drag him out of his warm cozy bed this morning to take Merritt to the bus stop...
his consolation prize? Donuts!! :)

Then home to work under his tractor..hes a good fixer!

Yall!! I almost cried when I saw his school pictures!! I wish I would have known he was going to smile so sweet, I would have ordered more!! Love this baby boy!

Got my new canvas in!! Love this new piece of my fall decor!!
Now I just have to find a spot for it!!

Operation!! They just love to hear it buz!!

We had family game night the other day! 

McCoy didn't last long, he decided he wanted to do stickers instead!

well that escalated quickly!!

he is such a mess!!

Decided to print out one of these for each year, for both boys!! 
Now if I can just remember to do them every year!

I can never resist snapping pics of sweet sleeping babes!


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