Mississippi State Fair!

We got back home last night, but I thought I would catch you up on what we did the last couple of days in Mississippi!! On Thursday, we headed to the state fair!! Pauggie was entered in the Dairy Quiz Bowl, so we decided to make a day of it! Before moving to Montana (after college) we always went to the fair every year! I was most excited to show the boys the pig races and they didn't disappoint! Such a great (hott!!) day! :)


They pick "cheerleaders" for each pig in every race and if your pig wins you get a prize! 
Merritt got chosen to be the cheerleader for pig #3, but he was super slow and lost the race! boo! :)

the pot belly pigs are the best! They just leisurely walk around the track!! ha!

Couldn't resist snapping a pick of the sky glider!! 
Can't believe I ever got on that thing, but glad I did eight years ago at the Iowa State Fair!

They were so excited to play a game!

and win a prize!

Pauggie and I played the water gun game and I won this huge dolphin...we let Pauggie take it home with her so we could visit it at Christmas! ha! Aint nobody got room for that!!

My sissy was signing up to win a car and I looked over and saw this,,,

tehehe! Good luck buddy!

At the Egg Council Booth!

time for fun houses and rides!!

We didn't realize this race car ride took such a sharp turn! Merritt loved it, but McCoy was ready to get off after the first couple of rounds! When it finally stopped the was slumped in the corner of the car, saying "it too scary for me!" Bless his heart!! At least he was brave enough to try more rides!

Ended the day with our girl winning the Dairy Quiz Bowl!! So proud of her!! :)

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