We had a big fun afternoon yesterday! Everybody was excited to check on all of our pumpkins! Sadly, we lost a lot of the little ones and four of the ones on Jake's pen! Oh well, we still have some still growing and already have a ton on our front porch!

We managed to get these little ones out of our patch! So cute!

Merritt's class is learning all about pumpkins, so he chose this little tiny one to bring to school!

This monster is still growing in Jake's pen!! It's like 14 inches tall!!

Jake didn't take long to get fat and fuzzy again!! :)

We loaded up in the farm truck to meet The Farmer in the combine! 
They were way too excited about not being in strapped in...this car seat nazi Momma was a little terrified to say the least! Good thing it was just a two minute drive down a dirt road! ha! 

So glad we got to help The Farmer harvest! Love these farm boys of mine!

Then I came in and made an army's worth of grilled cheese!!! 

love this griddle for these! (got it on Black Friday last year)  

Is there anything better than a grill cheese and tomato soup?!?! :)


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