Homecoming Game!!

Cade's last homecoming game was Friday night! I was so excited that we could be there for it! We have gone home every fall since he has been playing, but we never make it to homecoming, so this was a first for us!! They do a huge half time production (this year was circus) and the boys LOVED it!! Mostly because Pauggie was the star attraction!! She got to use her show pony, Rhinestone, as a circus pony act during the halftime show!! It was soo cute!! She worked hard training her and we worked hard on her costume, so fun!! She really stole the show, so proud of her!!! :) 

fireworks show was the finale!! 

Yall, I still can't believe he is this old!! He was jut Merritt's age yesterday!!
So proud of the young man he has become!!

They loved finding Cade-o on the wall!! 
They have these for all the seniors! Very cool!

It was a whirlwind trip, but so glad we made it happen!! Lots of memories made!!

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