Boring Saturday!!

Soo I'm sitting here on a perfectly good Saturday all alone!! The Farmer is officiating a collegiate livestock judging contest and I got left behind!! Well...I guess I should clarify...I was invited, but he had to get up at 4:30 this morning to leave. My body does not function at that hour....seriously it barely works at 9:30!! Anyway, I opted out and stayed home in my nice warm bed instead!! I have, however, done the dishes, washed clothes, edited some pics, and rented The Return of Nanny McPhee off pay per view....and now I am BORED!!! I'm thinking I will try out my new cookbook!! Remember this summer when got this cookbook??

Well they have a new one out, so I got it too!! I loved the first one so much I figured I couldn't go wrong!!

I haven't used it yet, but all the pictures look scrumptious!! Maybe I will make a few casseroles for this week since we we'll be so busy.

We have our Annual Church Auction and Dinner (last year's post, I have a photo shoot, and we are leaving on Thursday to go to The Black Hills Stock Show (in Rapid City, SD) for 4 days!! Woohoo!! I'm soo excited! The Farmer is fitting for the Simmental Show and I will be shopping at the Trade Show!! hehe!! A ton of my girls are gonna be there, so I'm super excited to be reunited :)

Ohh look at that...Big Business is on HBO! I love that movie! Scraping the cooking idea, that's what eating out is for, right!?!!? :)


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  1. Just wanted you to know Haley - because of your awesome blog, I started my own food blog. Thanks so much for being the inspiration to get me into blogging!