Dinner and a Movie!!

Soo remember how I told yall about our Dinner and a Movie Bible Study??

Well it was our turn again to host!! Soo I decided to go with a Valentine theme and use my scarlet (red), rose (pink), and plum (purple) Fiestaware!!

It's hard to tell, but the plum is a really pretty shade of purple. I actually didn't want this color when I first started collecting, but my brother insisted I have it and actually gave me my first place setting of plum...he could care less about dishes but is a huge LSU fan and wanted to make sure I had his colors!! Ever since then I have added more and more pieces of plum...and it will most definitely come in handy for my Mardis Gras Party in March(stay tuned!!)

This color combo was a bit tricky though...you see, I only have 2 place settings of each color of Fiesta that I collect...
Well there are 8 of us in our Bible Study, so of course I needed 8 plates. I racked my brain trying to figure out another color to go with the 6 red, pink, and purple I had....nothing seemed to work!! I thought maybe white..but I don't have the white Fiesta and don't really want it, so that got vetoed immediately! Then I decided I would just have to get 2 more red plates!! haha!! Red goes with most holidays anyway, so I thought this would be the best choice. I figured I could just get the plates and not the whole place setting, since I didn't need everything else that comes in it.

I also decide not to tell The Farmer about my little scheme because he would just say to use the 11 million plates you already have!! Boo!

After we went antique-ing last weekend, I tell him I need to run to the mall really quick to grab something and he can just wait in the car! No luck..he insists on coming in, he surely sensed something was awry!! So as we make our way to the Fiesta display, I have no choice, I have to break down and tell him....I say it really fast, hoping he just let's me have my way, so we can get home so he could do chores! Again, no luck..he needs clarification/an explanation!! It's not like I can say "I have to have it" ...he sees the overflowing Fiesta cabinet everyday, he knows I have plenty of plates!! So I tell him I can't explain the way I am, but if I don't get these 2 red plates my life will be over and then I give him the most sad, pouty face I can manage and he says fine!! WOOHOO!!! He probably knew stomping my foot and whining were next on my to do list!!

I head straight to the where all the scarlet pieces are set up, before he changes his mind, and guess what?!?! No red plates!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! Perfect, now what was I gonna do??? My main selling point was that I only needed two plates....just two plates!! I turn to The Farmer and quietly wail there are no plates!

Of course he doesn't fully understand the travesty, and picks up a plate in Paprika (orange-red) and proudly declares, here's a red plate! My patience is gone but I kindly tell him that it's not RED and ask if we can go check out the other stores in the mall. The Farmer hates shopping, so I knew this would be a struggle! He then asks was I sure there were none here in this store? I said weeeeelllllllll.....I could just get two place settings instead, then we could just go home!! DONE!!! HAHAHA! Well, it was done until he saw the price (the place setting is actually only 13 more dollars than the plate, so it really is a better deal!) He confirmed that I positively absolutely had to have these plates..(duh!!) then he said fine but I had to carry them!!! Just so yall are aware, they are heavy and I am a super wimp and a chronic klutz...this lasted about two seconds before The Farmer realized he was about to pay for two BROKEN place settings!!! He then took the load and we lived happily ever after with two more red place settings :)

Now back to the Dinner party!!! I just had to use my new tiered pastry stand so I made a few cute thing to serve!

Red Velvet Whoopie Pies!! Soo fun!!

Candy coated pretzels!

candy coated marshmallows!

I have been dying to use one of my new fab drink dispensers...I was going to use the one I got for Christmas from the Farmer's Fam, but there was some "technical" difficulties (don't ask! It's all better now!) This one had some issues with the spigot but doesn't it look pretty!! hehe!

The spread.. Meat Loaf Minis, Strawberry Pretzel Salad, mashed potatoes, and french bread!

We had such a good time...especially after the smoke cleared (oven malfunction while cooking the meatloaf...it was just not my day!!!) We finished up watching It's A Wonderful Life...which was SOOOO good, can't believe I had never seen it!! We will discuss next week, can't wait!! :)


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  1. How fun! I love your plates, hopefully someday I'll have some! I just have boring ol' white ones now.
    All the goodies look good, especially that pretzel salad! That is one of my favorite deserts!