Halle Faye's 1st Birthday!

I love details...I love party details...I love it when parties (or anything really) has a theme!! My bestie Brittany's little girl Halle Faye is turning one, sooo I'm gonna share her party details :) I just finished the invite, so I just couldn't resist sharing the rest!

(I left out some of the stalker friendly info!)

This is all the party supplies... Soo fun! But I have to say, I remember Strawberry Shortcake with red hair?!??! This looks more like hot pink! Everything is soo modern!

This is the cake she is getting..with the "new" Strawberry Shortcake on it instead!!!

She is getting her one of these fabulous happy birthday banners!!

She is going to have Strawberry Milk Shakes!!!

and Strawberry Crush Drinks!!! Along with a candy buffet with pink, red, and green candy!!

She is getting her an outfit like this.... Can we say ADORABLE!??!!?

And this cute bow!!!

She is even having a Strawberry Shortcake impersonator!! I am seriously considering taking a quick flight down and back for the 2 hour event!!! It will be sooo fun!!! ;)

Now I just have to decide on the perfect gift!!! If your wondering why I'm having such difficulties, check out just some of what she got for Christmas!!!
.....And the search continues!!! :)

Here's links to Britt's baby shower a year ago!! Seems like just yesterday :)

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