Christmas in Dixie!!!

Let me preface this post by saying...SORRY!! I know it's been a while, but you must find it in your heart to forgive me...I have been up to my eyeballs in unpacking, a messy house, taking down Christmas decor (boo), going out of town for New Years, shopping the after Christmas sales (!), watching Deadwood (a Christmas gift from my parents, we.are.addicted, just started the third and final season tonight!), and catching up on all the work that piled up while I was gone! See, I knew you would understand! :)

Anyway here are a few of the pics I took while home in Mississippi for Christmas! I didn't get any of the visit we had with my Mom's side of the fam
(I'm getting soooo bad at remembering pics!) so these are mostly of my Daddy's side.

Me and the Farmer!

Cade hitting the traditional Pinata!!

Me and UD!

Me and my Grandma (Poo), and my Daddy!

All the loot!!

These mustaches were in the pinata and were a HUGE hit!!! My brother, aka Mario, and Cade!

We brought everything inside because the 50 degree weather was just too chilly...PUHHHLESE! :)

Ladies man!

My boys!

did I mention what a big hit the mustaches were?!?!?

In our Christmas jammies getting ready to play Dirty Santa!! We play this instead of all the kids (kids= me and The Farmer, my sis and her hubs, my bro and his wife..and we let Momma and Daddy play too!) buying each other gifts..way more fun and less stress!!

This is what we got from playing Dirty was a tough call between these or a fondue set and a heated throw, but I am trying to expand our board game collection so these won out!! We actually played them on New Years and had SOO much fun!

Gifts from Momma and Daddy! We have lots of movies to watch now!! The dish towel says ASAP As Southern As it!!! And of course I already got this amazingness...

This is what my Bestie, Brittany, got me...The dish towel has an "M" on it for our last it!! And did you notice the Le Creuset?!?! Try to contain the jealousy! hehe! Ohh and those are the new Fiesta tumblers...soo fun!! Thank You Britt Britt!!!

This is what my Bestie Amy got me, I can not even tell you how soft this scarf and gloves are!! LOVE it!!! And the picture frame is "to die!!" Thanks Amyroo!!

Now, if any of you photographers out there HATE carrying around your big bulky camera bag and would rather use your nice Coach (or whatever brand you prefer!) purse when your traveling or going to an event where you just need your camera, this is the item for you!!! Just slip your camera in this cozy, toss (gently!) in your purse and go!! Although we will have to ask Lacie where she got it!! Etsy?!?! Soo perfect and now I wont have to use a towel to wrap my beloved Nikon up in when I just wanna use my purse!! haha!! Thanks so much LL!!

I had soo much fun at home!! And got to see all my fam and most of my friends so that is always nice! Can't wait for my next trip!!

Next up...Christmas with the Farmers Fam, New Years, and some fun after Christmas clearance items!!


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  1. Looks like you had tons of fun with your family! I love the mustaches...I have a pink one...they are fun!