I LOVE a good deal!!!

On Monday I had the day off, so of course I went shopping! I just can't resist the after Christmas clearance! Soo I headed to Target to scope out their selection...why didn't anyone tell me they had pink and green stuff!?!?! Ohh well, I guess it's better to have just now found out and get it 75% off!!! I scored some really cute decorations for the tree but I already packed them away, so you'll just have to wait until next year to see!! But I will show you the best find of the day!!
Pink and green stockings!! I almost died right there!! I have been looking everywhere for some and had just about resided to the idea of having some custom made. These even have a nice white strip at the top for monogramming!! And the best part is they were only 50 cents...50 cents!!!! AND they actually had exactly 5 left....it was as if it was meant to be!! I toyed with the idea of having them all monogrammed with The Southern Belle, The Farmer, Maisie, McCoy, and Merritt....but the Farmer thought this to be a bit premature....hahahaha!!! He thinks I will have one kid and call it quits...I'm not real keen on pain or not being the center of attention but I'm sure I'll adjust! Not to mention he thinks we will have a brood of boys one day....NO WAY!! If that's the case, one of them better like getting his nails painted and wearing tutus!! HA! (p.s. don't tell the Farmer I said that!!!)

Ok!! Back to my shopping spree! I was in the toy isle looking for the perfect gift for Halle Faye's (My friend Britt's sweet baby) first birthday (strawberry shortcake themed..I'm doing the invite..stay tuned!) and I spotted some cute Fisher Price farm stuff...I didn't want to get this for her present but I thought it would be a great addition to our toy box at home!! When I say "addition" I mean that we have no toys and this would be the first thing in the imaginary box!! haha!! I feel soo bad when we have small child visitors and I have nothing for them to do! And don't even think for one second I am letting anyone go near my Dr. Seuss collection!! {GASP} Soo I picked up this Build and Carry Farm (I think I may have given Asher and Seth one of these already, so I hope they still want to come and play!!!), the little Cows and Milk Maid set, and the cute little Farmer Wheelies!!! I feel compelled to only buy farm related toys?!?!?!

Now, the toy I'm MOST excited about finding is this..Moon Dough!!!
Ruby gave Jorgia (my friend's little girls) some of this for Christmas and it's AMAZING!!! It's like play dough but feels way cooler!! And Hello, it's a barn!!! Soo cute! I really need some kids to come to my house soon, before I break this out and become the crazy lady that plays with toys by herself!!!

OHHHH and I almost forgot, the elves brought this to The Farmer at my Momma's house!

hahahaha!!! I guess we did have a toy!!! :)

Christmas with The Farmers Fam and New Years up next!!!


  1. The DAY OFF from what ???? You havent worked since before Thanksgiving !! I also have a nice collection of toys for the kids that visit, or sometimes when they don't !

  2. Cute toys! I gave that Moon Dough for Christmas presents this year...oh and that first toy you had pictured...great minds must think alike!