This and That!!

Soooo the Farmer and I decided to give antique-ing another whirl on Saturday! Still no apothecary cabinet, but I did find this neato old printer drawer (what they kept all the letters in!)
I had just read this blog on Friday...
so of course I just had to have it!! Not sure if I will make a jewelry display out of or not??

Then the Farmer spotted this fun item!! A cast iron cornbread pan! Each little piece will come out shaped like corn!! LOVE IT!! My Momma has one, so I just couldn't resist having one of my own!

Then we went to World Market, and can I just say, I am in LOVE!!! It is the coolest store! I initially went to find these.....
Lorina Pink Lemonade...I really just wanted the amazing bottles, but the lemonade is pretty good too!! My friend Anna at Life Be Delicious wrote this blog...
and I have been dying for some ever since!! Anna, The Farmer would like to formally thank you for introducing me to another place to shop!!! Ha!!!

I picked up a few other fun things including this super cute serving tray!!
Now I can't wait to entertain!!! :)

I have a photo shoot and yummy recipe to share with yall always, stay tuned!!!


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  1. My mom has one of those corn bread pans too! What cool finds!