Christmas at the Farm!!

When we got back from Mississippi, we had Christmas with the Farmer's Fam! I found the boys (our nephews) these fun color rolls!!/album.php?aid=12110&id=131607090216888
Seth got Curious George and Asher got Cars...along with coloring books!

I drew JoElyn's name and got her a Eddie Bauer Down Ice Scraper (like the elves brought us!), and some Isotoner smarTouch gloves (I have a pair of these and love them!!), and a Wicked date book!! :)

The Farmer drew his Momma and got her the game "Last Word" is very fun!!

The Farmer got a spray washer!! Hello clean bricks!! :)

Here's all the fun stuff I got :)

This makes me sad Christmas is over! ;(

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