Elves in Iowa...Day 1!

The elves came to visit us for the first time in Iowa last night and left us some fun surprises!! We must have been very good this year!! They even remembered Dasher!! We don't have Magic Boots, but these pink and green magic buckets worked just fine!!!

Click here if you have no idea what the elves are!!

The Farmer got an Eddie Bauer down ice scraper, a tide to go pen for his truck, and some E.L. Fudge cookies!! ...get it, elf cookies!!! hahaha!! Thanks for that idea JoElyn!

Dashie got people crackers!

And I got an ice scraper too!! I think they are out of this color, but it is fabulous!! and some E.L. Fudge 100 calorie cookies!! How did those elves know I was "sort of" dieting!!?!?

Stay tuned for the next instalment of "Elves in Iowa!!"

I know i have seriously been slacking on the recipe posts, but Cora, Kayla, and I are having a cookie party on Thursday, so expect lots of fun Christmas candy/cookie recipes and pics soon!!!


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  1. So cute! Love the wrapping paper under the tree! Too cute!