Elves in Iowa - Day 5!

Ok..I know this is late, but I figured I'd share anyway!! I am actually in Mississippi now and the elves are visiting us here every morning too...I'll show you all that cute stuff later :)

The Farmer got a SDSU hat and alumni sticker along with some candy!

Dashie got a bone!

and I got some cake/cookie decorating tips!! So fun!!

I have been having SOOO much fun at home! The fam came to pick me up from the airport, then we went out to eat and the girls did a little shopping! On Monday, I met up with my friend Lacie!! We had lunch with her hubby, then shopped the rest of the afternoon! Yesterday, I met my friends Brittany (and her PRECIOUS baby) and Amy for lunch, then we shopped the day away and had supper! It's safe to say I have done lots of shopping since I got here :) It's soo fun to see my besties from college...I can't wait to show you all the fun gifts they gave me! My brother and sister-in-law are coming home this afternoon (my sister, her husband and kids are already here) and The Farmer gets here at midnight! All the extended family will be here tomorrow, so we have been baking/cooking all day! Anyway, I have lots to post including the cookie baking party we had last week! Stay tuned :)

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