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I have been stalking blogs about Christmas decor like a mad woman and have gotten sooooo much inspiration!! Soo I swung through Omaha to do a little shopping on my way home from being at my main office for a week of work meetings. Garden Ridge was pretty picked over, but I did find two lighted topiary trees for the sides of the front door (we are in the middle of a blizzard now, so those might not get put up until next year!) and these fun oversize vases (below)!! I got all the Christmas balls and candles from Hobby Lobby, which was also pretty picked over...thank goodness I was just looking for red stuff!! My dining room and kitchen Christmas decor is red, western, and I guess now candy cane!! Ohh I also stopped at Anthropologie, while in Omaha, and got the most fabulous necklace and top, and found some fun gold flats and brown flower flats at Gap, I was looking for a cute outfit to wear to the JoElyn's (Farmer's Sister) rehearsal dinner this coming Friday but had NO luck!...ok, ok, enough of that...on to the dazzling decor!

Now here is the one in the pink and green living room! This vase is a bit smaller but still just as fun!!

I finally got my super cute Cookies for Santa plate all finished! I LOVE Upper Case Living!!

We just found out that church has been cancelled for tomorrow, so I'm guessing this blizzard is gonna be a beast again tomorrow! Maybe I will finally get some clothes washed and some photos edited from a shoot last weekend! This whole being snowed in thing has it's bright side!!
The elves come to visit for the first time tomorrow night!! Stay tuned for updates on what they bring us for 5 nights!! :)

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