The Holiday Date!

Yes, I know this is a little late considering we went on the "Holiday Date" (or the "Holi-date" which I started referring to it as after the hundredth time of saying it!) almost 2 weeks ago...but whatevs, I am going to blog about it anyway!! We had the BEST time! And when I say "we" it pretty much means ME!!! The Farmer compared it to imprisonment and other equally disturbing persecutions..but i just ignored him and kept right on enjoying myself..ha! We started off at the western store where I bribed him with a new cap (see photo below!)...the Farmer loves caps, you are always guaranteed a smile when you present him with one! After that we headed to HuHot for lunch!! If you've never been there, you must go!! YUMMO! Hobby Lobby was next on the agenda, where he BEGGED to stay in the car, I obliged, as my favorite craft store is much more enjoyable sans The Farmer! Next up was the mall...after picking out my last Christmas present (Burberry Brit Sheer perfume!) we strolled along checking out all the stores I had on my list...then after a quick stop by Starbucks, we headed to Scheels, again to make the Farmer happy! After this, we went to Cambells...this is like a farm supply store...any guesses on who wanted to go here?!?!? I guess I shouldn't pick on him too much since I was the ony one who bought something there!! Cute western wrapping paper for my Momma! Now it was time to eat!! My choices were the Brazilian Steak House or Foley's Fish, Chop & Steakhouse but the Farmer was DYING for a calzone from Old Chicago...he promised we could get popcorn at the movies if I let him choose our dining spot, so of course I granted him this one wish! I have to admit it was pretty tasty!! After our calzones, we went to Falls Park to see their light is nothing less than amazing!!! LOVED it! The last thing on our Holi-date was the movies! We saw The Next Three was sooo good!! and so was the popcorn :)

Below are pics from Falls Park!

Wanna know how excited I was about the fabulous lights?!?!?
That's how excited!! HAHAHA! I actually loathe it when I ruin a perfectly good picture by making this overly excited, psycho face...but it works for this experience!

That's a little better, but I think I was too worried about the crazy woman, that was taking our pic, running away with my camera!! hehe!! :)

Can't wait until next years Holiday Date!!! Just don't tell The Farmer :)


  1. Looks like so much fun :-) And I think the guys actually enjoy it more than they let on!

  2. Sorry we didnt know about the early present opening. Guess we'll have to wait for next year to get you something !!