Cookie Party 2010!!!

Cora, Kayla, Amanda, and I got together before I left for Mississippi to bake some cookies and candies for Christmas!! I have always wanted to go to/have a cookie swap party, but this was much more fun!! Instead of just showing up and swapping the cookies, we made a mess, had a ball, and then swapped all the goodies! Please excuse the less than fabulous pictures, but I was too lazy to shoot in manual!!!

Kayla getting in her Cohen time!

I made these! Little haystacks! chocolate and butterscotch!

I had the BEST little helpers!!

Soo cute!

These are sooo Yummy! Oreo Brownie Bites!

Cora made white chocolate covered peanut butter sandwiches!! The Farmer ate all these in two seconds!

Kayla made Oreo Balls!!! Sooo good!

Cora also made Almond Tarts! They are a dutch tradition and very labor intensive but sooo Delicious!! I dont have the recipe but have asked Cora for it!(Cora, consider this your first warning!! hahaha!)


How cute is Cohen's little owl hat!??!?! Love it!!!

I came home with all these goodies!!! The Farmer was very pleased :) I can't wait for next year!!


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  1. Looks delish! I heard about those oreo balls and want to try them!