Elves in Iowa!...Day 3!

Round 3!

Th Farmer got more Boxers (sorry but they were on sale and Elves love a good deal!!) Chicken Poop Chap Stick, and Anti Monkey Butt!!! This stuff is hilarious!! My co-worker Megan told me about it and I (the elves!) searched EVERYWHERE for it!! I can't even remember where they found it now, but I think it was at a Walmart somewhere?!?! Anyway they have a baby and a lady version too!! hahaha!! You just have to check out the site...http://www.antimonkeybutt.com/ ...It surely got a good laugh out of the Farmer this morning!

Dashie got mini bones!!

And I got The Cat in The Hat and The Cat In The Hat Comes Back (I now have 7 Dr. Seuss Books!!), and two new ornaments!!


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  1. So is Dash going to live on treats, or is she better behaved than I realize? Hmm...