Give me a moment while I exhale a big sigh of relief!! 
Our MOPS Fashion Show went off without a hitch and everyone had a great time!! 
Woohoo!! It really was so fun! 

We left the Church after 10:00 last night, but had everything decorated and ready to go!! We used the same burlap backdrop from our first meeting and added the lights and gold leaves. Then we took Christmas lights and stuck them in mason jars to make a runway!

Remember these from last years Halloween clearance?!?! 
I knew I would use them for something!!

I had the Farmer drill holes in them...

Then strung them with twine to hang on the backdrop!

We had five boutiques (they provided three outfits each) and 15 of our moms modeled the outfits! 
They were all so gorgeous and did a great job!

We also had Cora, our resident "most fashionable Momma" speak about fashion trends and show some in style looks!

I made these cute hair ties for a little favor, that we put out on the tables!

Was so excited that I found the honeycomb pattern like our theme for the year!

All the boutiques provided awesome door prizes and we also did a leather cuff craft project!
This was mine that we made as a trail run!

Love how it turned out!

We collected lots of vintage belts from thrift stores, then cut them into cuff sizes and at the meeting the moms picked out their cuff and snaps and we put the snaps on them! It was a huge hit! Here is were we got the idea, if you are interested! link

Now time to switch gears and head to a 4-H planning meeting this afternoon!! The fun never ends over here!! Hahaha!! Really looking forward to tomorrow and having nothing to do but wash clothes...the laundry room is coming along slowly but surely!! :) 


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