We had Merritt's Parent/Teacher Conference this week and she had some books of their work on display for us to look though...I just had to get a pic of this one! The question was what is your favorite thing to munch? There was lots of cookies, popcorn, and candy..then you get to my baby's page...EGG SANDWICH!! bahaha!! He does love an egg sandwich!! :) 

First time making homemade chicken noodle soup! 
Soo very good...going into the winter rotation for sure!! 
Here is the recipe I used (link) soo easy!

We started our thankful tree!!

They were working on the letter P this week, so his home work was making a puppet!!

I saw this on Instagram and though it was sooo ME!! hehe!

Just got these from Amazon...they are not the Young Living oils I usually get, but I just wanted something to add to my good ones to make more holiday scents in my diffuser! Also going to make some cute bath bombs for the boys and thought these would be fun to use for them!! 

Got Bibleopoly for my Sunday School class!

My Super Student!! Yall I just have to brag a minute! He is doing so great in Kindergarten! He went from knowing most of the alphabet this summer, to reading in just two months!!! It's beginning reading, but he is doing it and can sound out so many words! Just so proud of him!!

These two love to play games, just like Mommy!!

They love this Yeti in My Spaghetti one!! 

When Coy went on his field trip to Pumpkinland, he saw this fun popcorn and thought he and Merritt really needed it!! We went back in the shop after everybody had left and grabbed them some!! It made the best afternoon snack all week!! :) Side Note: It was red Ribbon Week at Merritt's School and that day was wear a bow tie day!! hehe!

It was soo fun to get to use all my pink shadows for my Fairy makeup last week!!

Also for Red Ribbon Week, they had Career Day! He wants to be a Cowboy-Gold Miner-Big Foot Hunter when he grows up, but he settled on just a cowboy for Career Day! :) 

Speaking of Gold Mining...he changed his mind about his Mississippi birthday party and now wants a Gold Mining theme...ummm...I have scrambled a bit and found this prospector figure that he already had to use for the cake and some black tableware (going to try to find some gold plates) also found some gold nugget candy for the cake, a gold mining map, along with a play pick axe and mining pans that I will use as decor then let him have for a present after! Will also spray paint some rocks gold and got a plain black t-shirt to hopefully make some kind of birthday outfit for him!! Last year Big Foot, now this! He is really testing my party planning abilities!! HAHA!

My Momma got me this huge flamingo travel mug for my b-day! Finally got to use it the other day!!
Soo cute!! :) 


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