Boy's Christmas Lists!

I am almost done with the boys for Christmas!! I have to get the dvd's (going to wait fro Black Friday!) and the toothbrushes for their stockings and I will be finished!! Woohoo!! Thought I would share, like last year, what I got for them!! :) 

MCoys big gift is the (1) Rescuebot Fire Station. He is going to freak out! He saw it one day when were shopping and has been talking about it ever since, little did he know I had already bought it when I saw it on clearance at Walmart for $9!! Steal!! I was soo excited! 
(2) I also found him the smaller Rescuebot Fire Station on an Amazon Deal for $2.50! 
(3) Miles From Tomorrowland Scout Rover, I found all the Miles stuff on clearance while we were in Minneapolis earlier this fall! I had already said I was done shopping for them, but they were a CRAZY good deal and they already have all the little Miles figures and always ask for the spaceships to go with them, so I know they are going to be a huge hit! 
(4) Miles Space Guard Cruiser 
(5) Wildlife Bingo, I actually got this before Merritt was born and found it stashed away! 
(6) Wild Horses card game, same for this one too, found it in the stash! These boys love to play games!
(7) Remote Controlled Car, they have both been wanting one since playing with some of Cade-o's old ones when we go to Mississippi! These light up and play music and I will probably throw them out the window on Christmas day! HAHA! 
(8) Night Light Projectors, I saw these on another blog I follow and thought they were soo cool! Both the boys are really into stars, so these will be very fun for bedtime (found them on Amazon) 
(9) Fingerlings, these are supposed to be the toy of the year, so when I saw them on an Amazon deal for $6, I grabbed them!! 
(10) Dragons Love Tacos 2, as yall all know, we love the first book in this series, so this one was a must buy! 
(11) Lego City Ambulance Plane, I know the age range is too old for him, but he REALLY loves the little Legos and we will help him put it together! Scored this one at Dirt Cheap this summer...actually all the Legos this Christmas were found at Dirt Cheap! Santa really likes not paying $100+ for a box of plastic blocks!! haha!! 
(12) Alvin & The Chipmunks Guitar, I grabbed this at the Target toy clearance this summer for $4, we have a Leap Frog guitar that they love, but always both want to play it, so now they can have two guitars in their band!! :) 

Merritt's big gift this year is the (1) Lego City Police Station, I actually found this at Dirt Cheap right after Christmas last year, along with these other police sets, and have stashed them away all year! 
(2) Lego Swamp Police Starter Set 
(3) Miles Hot Saucer 
(4) Miles Star Jetter 
(5) Reading Roundup Game, have had this stashed away forever too! 
(6) Sorry! I got this on Black Friday a couple of years ago!
(7) RC Car 
(8) Night Light Projector 
(9) Fingerlings 
(10) Lego books, I got these a long time ago from Scholastic.
(11) Lego City Police Helicopter Pursuit 
(12) Lego City Hovercraft Arrest 

And that's all folks! Of course I will share their stockings with yall too, after I get them all finished! It's so fun to shop deals all year then not have to worry with all of it when I want to be doing fun Christmas things with them! 


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