What's Up Wednesday!

What we are eating this week? We still have some turkey and dressing left from our feast, so we have been having that for lunch!! Nothing like Thanksgiving leftovers! YUM!
Not sure what else we will have this week...I need to go grocery shopping, so it will be Sloppy Joes and Grilled Cheese until then!

What we’ve been up to? Thanksgiving fun, Kindergarten, Pre-School, but most importantly Decorating for Christmas!!

What I’m reminiscing about? Since it had been seven years since the last time I spent Turkey Day with my family, I had to go back and look at pics!
We went to Jackson Hole and had such a fun time! 
Look how little Cade-o and Pauggie were!! 

What I’m loving?

-Peppermint and Gingerbread Granola Bars- yall know I am a sucker for seasonal food and this is no exception!! Soo festive and the boys love them too!
-Grande Lash- This stuff is SOO amazing!! I have been using it for three months and my lashes are crazy long!!
-Mrs. Meyers Peppermint- Love this cleaning spray, it smells amazing and the scent lingers for awhile!!
-Bath and Body Twisted Peppermint- as always, I love to use the Twisted Peppermint line from Bath and Body this time of year!
-My Tree- I just adore sitting in my chair and enjoying the beauty of my tree every chance I get!! It truly is the most wonderful time of the year!!

What I’m working on?
More freelance graphic design projects, MOPS Christmas party planning, end of the month stuff for the Saddle Club, and I'm now also on a committee for Merr's school! Going to start wrapping presents soon, so that will be fun!!

What I’m excited about? Christmas!! DUH!! Jolly came last night and the boys found their Advent Calendars this morning! They were so excited!
Merritt got a Santa Minifigure and McCoy got a cow! I never know if you are supposed to open the number one first or the number 24 first, but in our case I decided to start with 24 and countdown since we will have our Christmas on the 22nd, it doesn't really make sense to count up to 24!! They are very into knowing how many days are left, so this works great!

What I’m Dreading? Still the Laundry Room! I have gotten the mounds of clothes washed, and have it all organized and clean, but now I have to decide what to with the rest of it!! I hate decisions!!
Right now I am thinking that we will pull out the cabinetry and replace it with a nice big dresser (an old one that I can paint and distress!!) and one hanging cabinet. The Farmer keeps his clothes down here, since his shower connects to the laundry room, so his clothes will go in he dresser and I will use the top of it for folding. I also want to add a utility sink! I'm thinking the wall with the laundry sorter will be coral color and the rest will be a soft yellow and the accents will be the teal like the laundry baskets! We have decided to put all this on hold until the first of the year, so I'm sure my mind will change ten times by then!! Stay tuned!

What I’m watching/reading? This is Us, The Middle, and ALL the Christmas movies!! The second season of The Frontier is on Netflix, but I doubt we will get to it until January!

What I’m listening to? CHRISTMAS MUSIC!! 

What I’m Wearing?
-Adorable pink floral bell sleeve top (Zulily)...not in love with it paired with the vest! Will skip it next time I wear the top!
-Gray tassel top (Zulily) I mean it has tassels, need I say more?!?!
-Buffalo check button down (Old Navy) and cargo vest, love it with my cute fringe booties!
-Grabbed this super comfy double hooded sweatshirt from Amazon last month...have worn it a ton! So cute!
-I showed this green bell sleeved blouse (Marshalls) before, but I loved it with my squash blossom necklace!
-Thankful Tee (I made it!!) paired with mustard snap cardi and knit hat! Casual and cute! :) 

What I’m looking forward to next month? All the Christmas activities! Going to see Santa, making a gingerbread house, Jolly, Christmas book countdown, decorating Christmas cookies, Christmas crafts, the boy's Christmas programs, looking at Christmas lights, and Christmas celebrations with our families!! Let the fun begin!!


What I'm Doing This Weekend? Headed to see Santa!! I tried to talk the boys into going back to the Zoo, but they really wanted to go to the train museum in Minneapolis again, so away we go!! Also going to a MOPS canvas painting night on Friday! Can't wait!
2015 at the Train Museum...ok, now I'm sad!!! 
They were so little!

What else is new? I think I just about covered everything!! We are going to try to soak up every ounce of this wonderful season!! Merry Christmas Yall!! :) 


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