10 on 10!

It's that time again! 10 pics from the 10th of the month!
Merritt showed his school spirit today for the football team headed to the state playoffs!!

Got our 4-H year all planned out!

The millionth load of laundry!! I am down to one basket left yall!!! Soo excited!! Now I have to catch up on the boys laundry that I have neglected all week while I was cleaning the laundry room!!

I still love Refit, but I was getting bored with it, so a couple of weeks ago I started doing Jillian Micheals 30 day shred. Ummm, y'all! It is so hard!! Haha! Im still on level one, because I tried level two a couple of days ago and almost D.I.E.D. I will keep at it and maybe get to the third level by this time next year!! #determined

Next up was some cappuccino and the Christmas Chipmunks during rest time!!

Merritt came home with a perfect score on his reading, so he called the Farmer and asked if we could go to Pizza Ranch to celebrate! He said "sure buddy" and we all cheered! Hehe!!

Another load, this is just all The Farmer's socks!! He shouldn't need anymore until I master level three of that 30 day shred workout!! HA!!

I snatched this pic off Facebook, so it's not mine, but I think it is soo cool how the football team stops by the elementary school on their way to the playoffs and gives all the kids a high five! Merritt was so excited to tell me all about it!

Celebratory Pizza Ranch for my little reader!

Finally got a chance to get all my turkeys out, now just to find a place to put them!! Gobble, gobble :)

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