The other day McCoy climbed up to play in Merritt's kinetic sand box with him, and I decided to see how it would go...lets just say it didn't end well..sand was everywhere! Ughhh!!

So that night, while I was cooking supper, I got out the play-doh to keep them occupied and see if it would go better than the sand! McCoy loved it and played the entire time I cooked! This is usually the worst time of the day, so I was thinking it was the best idea ever...until I saw the floor!! Ohh least it kept them busy for a little while! :)

 It really didn't take that long to clean up, so there will for sure be more play-doh evenings in our future! 


The next town over had Trick-or-Treating at their downtown businesses last night, so we decided to hit that up! It was raining...gross..but they were handing out candy by the handfuls so that made it all better! haha!! :)

Next we went to see Great Grandma Moss and they got to show off their costumes to all her friends in the dining room! 

Then we headed to Grandma and Grandpas!! They got lots of candy and made as mess, as usual! :)

McCoy was a pro by this point!! "Nandy, Nandy!!"

 And we ended up the night with such a nice visit with Great Grandma Vermeer!! The boys loved discovering all of her fun toys!! :)

There is so much candy in this house!! It is out of control!! 

This morning, I have been working on de-halloweeing everything and putting out all of my turkeys! We are ready for November!! :)

Preschool Costume Party!

 Merr was so excited to wear his costume to school and he looked so cute! When I went to pick him up they did their costume parade, so fun! I didn't get any good pics of it though :(  

Here are a few that I got!


Thursday Night Fun!!

We got our evening started right with a little dance party, followed by jack-o-lantern quesadillas, and we finished up with halloween brownies (recipe!)

Happy Thursday!! :)

What's Up Wednesday (on Thursday!!)

What we are eating this week? Honestly, whatever is the quickest! The end of the month is always the worst for meals, the recipes I have left on my monthly meal plan are usually the most time consuming and I don't' feel like cooking them!! Ha! Tonight, we are having jack-o-lantern quesadillas, so that should be easy and fun! :)

What I'm reminiscing about? This Little Piggy!! Those thighs though....

What I'm loving? My new shadows (post here), still LOVING my planner, and just got this Marshmallow Pumpkin Latte Body Wash...amazing!! I also got a bottle of my fave, Twisted Peppermint, but I won't use it until December!! :)

What we've been up to? Everything halloween! Zooboo, Parties, Crafts, and Sweets! Trying to get everything I had planned done before Saturday! :)

What I'm dreading? Sewing 25 little bags for the Christmas book countdown! haha!! I really just want the finished project, not all the work...typical!! :)

What I'm working on? Some freelance graphic design stuff! It feels good to know I haven't forgotten everything! hehe :) 

What I'm excited about? Beauty and The Beast Musical! I am going with The Farmer's Momma and Sis next week! Tale as old as time... Can't wait!! 

What I'm watching/reading? I was watching Orange Is The New Black, but after staying up to view a few episodes way too late, I had a bad nightmare and haven't watched it again! Haha!! Excited to read the latest Shopaholic book, but who has the time?!?!

What I'm listening to? Listening to, you guessed it, Christmas tunes!! Don't judge, it makes my heart happy! :)

What I'm wearing? I actually remembered to take some selfies when I was dressed in something besides yoga pants!
Loving that mustard fall!! Also polka dots, which yall know I adore all year long! I wore the Aztec print sweater for our family pics, I will share when I get the digital images! :)

What I'm doing this weekend? Hopefully going out for a long over due date with my Farmer!! :)

What I'm looking forward to next month? Thanksgiving, duh! hehe! I LOVE Thanksgiving food, for the past four years I have done a big spread for just our little fam, so we can have leftovers, which, in my opinion, is the best part! I have been working on this years menu and can't wait!!

What else is new? Not much really, we are just living the dream! hehe! If you ask Merritt "What are you doing right now??" he says "I'm just living the dream!!" Soo cute :)

What is your favorite Thanksgiving recipe? Oh that is a hard question!! I guess it would have to be my Momma's cheese ball (recipe) It's not necessarily a Thanksgiving recipe, but she makes it on every holiday and I always make it for our Thanksgiving feast, so it feels more like home :)


Kindermusik Costume Party!

Today was McCoy's big costume party at Kindermusik! He had such a good time, for the most part! hehe! So fun to see all the little cuties dressed up! :)

This Little Light of Mine, with their new flashlights from Miss Heidi!!