Bribery at its best!

Yesterday, after picking up Merr from preschool, we decided to head to Sams Club!! I had been putting it off for awhile, but we were out of dino nuggets, and this house just can't function without them!! tehehe! 

Let's be real here, I never take them anywhere that takes longer than 20 minutes by myself, but I was feeling super brave yesterday so we actually went to Tuesday Morning AND Sams! 

They were surprisingly good, with the help of a few bribes! Whatever works yall!! :) Animal crackers, hot dogs, fruit snacks, and a few packs of pez..oh and ice cream on the way car just can't drive past DQ in the fall without stopping, Pumpkin Pie Blizzards are my weakness! 

My only find from Tuesday Morning! 
How cute is this piggy?!?! I have quite the collection of pigs for my tree now and I just love these shiny glass type of ornaments, so gorgeous!

I can't wait for Christmas! 


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