Halloween craft time! :)

We have been doing a few "crafty" things here! I LOVE that Merr likes to color, paint, stick, and generally make a mess with me! :)

I grabbed him one of these Mickey paint sets at the Dollar Tree (they are really stepping up their game in the kids craft dept! The mask below are from there too!) He absolutely loves these little paint sets! I love that they are only a buck, because he usually wrecks the paints by the time he is done with the pictures! ha!

These stamps were in his halloween happy bucket...he literally stamped all morning!! I got him some like these last Christmas and at Valentines, he has so much fun with them, I was sure he would love the halloween ones too! Who knew stamps would be so fun?!!?? I found him a big box of farm themed ones to give him for Christmas this year! Can't wait!

 Once he had stamped all the paper he could get his hands on, we decided to make some masks!! A bat and Frankie! Super easy and super fun! :)

McCoy still takes a morning nap, so we usually spend that time being creative! I have quite a few other things to make, do, and bake, but we are most excited about the trick or treat gingerbread village!! Stay tuned! :)

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