Give me Candy!!

We are ready to trick-or-treat over here!! Merritt can't wait, he picks up every bucket he sees and ask for candy! ha! 

I just adore their costumes, I was bummed that Merr didn't want to be a pirate (so McCoy could be a big fat parrot!) but this turned out super cute and he is soo happy...he really wanted to be a conductor!! 

The pocket watch really makes it and is, of course, his fave! Soo fun :) I couldn't find train conductor costume, so we just pieced this together, I bought the little "suit" then changed the buttons out for gold ones, and found the hat and pocket watch on Amazon. The best part is, they can use it for dress up later! We already had all of McCoy's costume, so that was perfect! 

They both have costume parties (Preschool and Kindermusik) and we are going to ZooBoo this weekend with some friends!! Can't wait!! 

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