Weekend Re-cap!

Not too much happened this weekend, but I had some phone pics to share, so here goes!

I finally got around to making these Cheeseburger Party Buns, (link) and the were yummo!!

And, yes, I did make it out of the playroom alive!! It took most of my Saturday but I got it done! Of course, I have done the usual threatening Merritt with his life to keep it clean, but I don't think that will help much, since his bulldozer little brother is the main culprit in most playroom destruction!! Oh well, we are enjoying it while it lasts :)

On Saturday night I actually got to enjoy a cup of hot chocolate and an episode of Scandal with my farmer! A welcomed, but rare occasion during harvest :)

I also made this Reese's Cup Poke cake! We call it Trick-or-Treat cake (link) and it's Ah-mazing! :) I didn't make it last year and it's absence was noticed!! Wont let that happen again! hehe :)

Now on to the Pinterst fail! I had seen these adorable jack-o-lantern cheeseburgers and just had to make them for the boys! I think we let the cheese get too hot because they ended up looking like zombie burgers! Yikes! Merritt thought they were great, so I guess that's all that matters! :)

We took Merritt to see Hotel Transylvania 2 yesterday afternoon (it was cute!), then all went to bed early last night! 

Now on to the busy week ahead! :)

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