The next town over had Trick-or-Treating at their downtown businesses last night, so we decided to hit that up! It was raining...gross..but they were handing out candy by the handfuls so that made it all better! haha!! :)

Next we went to see Great Grandma Moss and they got to show off their costumes to all her friends in the dining room! 

Then we headed to Grandma and Grandpas!! They got lots of candy and made as mess, as usual! :)

McCoy was a pro by this point!! "Nandy, Nandy!!"

 And we ended up the night with such a nice visit with Great Grandma Vermeer!! The boys loved discovering all of her fun toys!! :)

There is so much candy in this house!! It is out of control!! 

This morning, I have been working on de-halloweeing everything and putting out all of my turkeys! We are ready for November!! :)

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