Ready for Fall!!

Since the babe has arrived, we have hit the freezer meals pretty hard and it has been glorious!! I haven't really cooked in ages! I decided to start replenishing my stockpile with these 16 meals and hopefully add more soon. I will have it made when the craziness of Fall hits!

these are the freezer meals I made last time, I repeated all of them except the Beefy Rice and The Pizza Casserole, they were ok, but not our faves. The others were tasty and easy to put together. This round I added Sub Meatballs (I got sub rolls and froze them too, so I would have them on hand!), Baked Ziti, and BBQ Beef Cheesy Potatoes! Can't wait to try them!

It is so nice to have freezer meals, but this mess is was not nice!! Ha!! Took me about 5 and half hours from start to finish, not too bad considering I had my little "helpers" here with me!! :) 

Happy to report the kitchen is now spotless and my freezer is on it's way to being full!! Bring on the Fall!


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