Daddys Home!!!

The Farmer has been at the Minnesota State Fair and just got back home! We were all three extremely excited to see him! You never know how much help someone is until they are gone! It gave me a little taste of what harvest (with two kids by myself!) will be like, and I didn't care for the flavor! haha! These kiddos are very hard work when you know you don't have any reinforcements!! I better get busy planning lots of fun activities, so we can make it through the fall!!

The Farmer surprised us all with prizes!! I can't believe he went shopping for us, and I didn't even ask him to bring us back something fun! He got the boys Farm Boy Brand shirts... check them out, they have the cutest things! Merritt has one of their hats and he LOVES it! He got me the three western iron pieces. They are light pulls. He brought me back some of these when I was pregnant with Merritt and we put them in his nursery. When we moved, I was bummed I didn't have any for McCoy's room, and never even asked The Farmer to try to find them...but he remembered! What a thoughtful surprise! Love you Farmer!! :)

Little Oinker! This is soo appropriate for him, in the hospital all the nurses called him Little Piggy!

Merritt was not as thrilled with his shirt, he was not happy that he had to get out of his bubble bath!!

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