Frogs are our Friends!

Merritt and McCoy were playing outside tonight while I had a photshoot, at the end of the shoot we spotted a huge toad, so I showed it to Merritt who had been playing in the cracked corn (hence the corn dust all over him!) He was so excited and ran over...then the terror set in when he saw it in the Farmer's hand!!

He was literally terrified and screamed at the top of his be fair, I probably screamed too! It was kinda gross! 

did I hold and comfort my scared baby? Of course not, I took pictures and told the Farmer to bring it closer! ha! I don't want him to be a scaredy cat after all :)

"Maybe I'll take a closer look"

He loves to read "The Little Blue Truck," since there is a toad in the story, we thought he would like it if he just got used to it...

"Nope, still gross!! Gotta run!"

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