McCoy Everett 3 months!

3 Months old and sweet as can be!!

He has finally turned the corner of having to be held all the time, Hallelujah!!  He loves to lay under his activity mat the most, but enjoys his bumbo seat and swing as well!

He is now sleeping in his crib for naps and bedtime, un-swaddled and in a sleep sack! He doesn't even wake up at night crying for Wubby...I remember Merritt doing this, so it is a welcomed change! He takes a morning nap for an hour or two, times vary and still goes down for an afternoon nap from around 1:00pm to 4:00pm. His bedtime and eating schedule have stayed the same.

He is wearing 3 month, 3-6 month, and 6-9 month clothes depending on the brand and has moved up to size 2 diapers.

Tummy time is still not his fave, but he continues to be very strong and holds his head up really well!

He is starting to like Merritt more and more and usually smiles and laughs at him! He loves to laugh, smile, and coo at The Farmer and I too!

At his 2 month appointment on the 28th, he weighed 14.5 pounds and was 23.5 inches! Almost the same as Merritt! Mommy's big boys :)

We love you to the moon and back Coy-boy!!

and they still look so much alike!!


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