Tuesday, August 26, 2014

This and That!

Mr. Blue Eyes on his 3 month birthday :)

I have been working on tons of projects for Christmas downstairs where my embroidery/sewing machines are..so the boys have been joining me. I pulled out the exersaucer the other day, and McCoy loved it...so did Merritt! ha! 

I got their fall shirts and quite a few other projects done! 

Now I have to start working on a few things for McCoy's baptism luncheon next Sunday. I am using the same colors as I did for Merritt's (http://thefarmerandthesouthernbelle.blogspot.com/2012/03/merritts-baptism.html) so I don't really have much to do! 

My fam is coming up for the baptism, then the boys and I are going back home with them! I am super excited! I will get to see my 10th grade nephew, Cade, play high school football (starting center!), meet one of my bestie's, Amy, baby girl (born just a few weeks before Coy), and meet another bestie's, Britt, baby girl (due the 22nd!), and spend lots of time with my fam! Oh and I'm dying to see the new Dolphin Tale movie with my sweet niece, she has me hooked!! We are hopefully going to SeaWorld in San Antonio, but haven't finalized all the plans yet! And of course, Merritt is super pumped to ride a pony at Whoop's horse sale! Daddy is going to bring us back home after I meet Britt's baby...and you know that always involves a fun road trip!! Which means I have lots of packing and planning to do!! Stay tuned!! :)


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