Color Class

Somebody please tell me why this child refuses to learn his colors?!?! I have been trying everything! We've recently been watching the Color Crew on BabyfirstTV with Amazon Instant video (here is an episode online!/play/936ece79e6534d96af3029c3434cfc1a/70bd10f9633648ff953a80d2b2dd048f) and it seems to to be helping a little, he LOVES to watch it and asks for it all the time, but continues to say "it's mine" or "it's Merritt's" if you ask him what color something is, like his shirt or one of his toys! Super annoying!! :) 

We have been using his flash cards every morning, but he doesn't really respond to that, so today I decided to make it a little more worth his while! Candy! I used M&Ms and he had to put each color M&M on the corresponding color flash card. He did this perfectly, and even named a few of the colors right too!! I think we are finally getting somewhere!! Side note: I thought there were blue M&M's?!?! Maybe my bag just didn't have any! I will have to get some Skittles for more variation! :)

his favorite part! Eating them :)


  1. Joseph refused to learn anything from me. I had to send him to school. I paid $2500 for him to learn his colors (among other things). James on the other hand already knows colors, shapes, some letter and how to count to 10. Every kid is different.

  2. It drives me nuts! We can spend 5 minutes talking and looking at green things and he totally gets it, then I ask him what color something blue is an he says green!!! Ughh!! Hopefully somebody can teach him, because it's not working for me!

    1. I know how you feel. I was like, "I'm smart...i can teach preschool need to waste money on school." Ha ha! Joseph thought otherwise.