Phone Pics Update :)

It's that time pic dump!! :)

Even on vaycay we need wubby and Cat in the Hat!!

I mean, does it get any cuter than this?!?!

well, I guess it does! ha!

Merritt was so excited to get in Lego Land, JayJay had given him this brochure the night before...

he was obsessed! :)

Big brother thought little brother needed a toy to play with...

not sure why he thought it needed to be on his face?!?!

McCoy pretty much always has "I'm scared to death" eyes, when Merritt is beside him!!

crazy hair!


we got him this engineer hat when we went on the train ride!!


This was my first shopping trip by myself with both boys! Success!!

locally grown :)

still loving Lone Ranger...I made him a new mask, but it took a while to figure out how to put in on :)

The Lone Ranger!!

sweet corn!!!

he loves it and runs to the table when he knows that it's whats for dinner!

tummy time

hey who is that baby in the mirror?!?!

shaking his rattle!

Mississippi State Bulldog baby!

On a day date with all my boys, shopping for cattle!! :)

ready for bed!

Merritt sharing his sippy, he is such a giver! ha!

looking at the Showbox with Daddy!

Finally got a new straw hat, of course he wanted to wear it the rest of the day while we were shopping!! He has had his old one since he was 3 months old!! Now it fits McCoy!! :)

Hi, I'm cute!!

McCoy started sleeping in his crib on Tuesday for his nap (he was sleeping in his Rock and Play)!! He loved the crib and slept great! I put him in a sleep sack in the crib that night, instead of being swaddled, and he woke up crying several times, he really loved being swaddled, but last night we tried again and he slept all night (9:30 to 8:00)!! Woohoo!
He is growing up and I hate it :(

first time in the Bumbo!! He thinks he's so big! I hate to tell him, he is my baby and is not allowed to be a big boy!!!

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