What a weekend!!! Where do I begin?!? Hmm, lets start with my Shower!! It was FABULOUS!! I got soo many lovely things!! And tons of Fiestaware!! Woohoo!!! Everything was soo fun and pink and green!!!

the cutest cake ever!!

Me with my Mississippi Bridesmaids!! Love yall!!!

Me with my wonderful hostesses! They threw a divine party!!!

Me and Sweet Grandma (Poo)

Me with my Aunts!!

Me with the beautiful girls in my fam!

My first Fiesta Covered Casserole Dish! Thanks Aunt Jan!

Yes!! The 3 piece baking bowl set in Scarlet! That is the smallest one that I'm holding!

This is what they look like!! I have been dying for them!!! :) Thanks Momma! Good Job ;)

Pedestal Bowl!

Cute Fiesta Candlesticks Holders!

A Fiesta Toaster!!! I didn't even know they made them!! Very rare!! yea!!! Good job Poo!

Fiesta Pizza Tray!!! Thanks Renae!!!

Cute Western Tray from Amyroo!!

My first Fiesta Square Baker!! Love it!! Thanks Aunt Betty!

This had a recipe and all the fun utensils and holder in it...too cute to open!! Thanks Trudy!!!

I also got some other Fiesta pieces and place settings!! Yes!!! and some of my Calphalon pots and pans, measuring cups, a lettuce keeper, cutting boards, lots of Towels, and gift cards!!! score!! What a wonderful evening!! :) Thanks everybody for making me feel so special!!

Stay tuned for a recap of the Bachelorette Party in Ft. Worth!! Sooo much fun!!!

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