This Little Piggy went to...

My house, if the Farmer would have let me take it!!!

If you know me, you know that I adore pigs!! Especially baby piggies!! The fact that the Farmer raises them, perhaps, could be one of the reasons I agreed to marry him!! hehe..just kidding..or am I!!?! ANYWAY I have been dying to see the baby pigs from the new Sow Unit for FOREVER!!! So we went over to see them on Saturday...I could have stayed there all day if it didn't smell like...well...pigs!! Aren't they the cutest thing EVAR?!??! I told the Farmer I wanted one for a wedding present..he quickly said No way! TEAR!!! I suppose if I can't have one of the cute little piggies, I would settle for a Pandora Charm Bracelet!!! HINT HINT!!! Hahaha!

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