Cooking with the Culinary Challenged Southern Belle

A few weeks ago, the Farmer and I decided to grill!! Yea! This is my favorite thing to do in the Summertime! I was in charge of the Dessert/Banana Bread! It turned out fabulous! MMMM..I wish I had some right now!! I can't remember the recipe but it was super easy!!


The Farmer grilled shish-kabobs on our new Pampered Chef skewers (thanks Heidi!) and we did some veggies in this fun Pampered Chef Grill basket! Love the colors!! I can't remember if we used the Pampered Chef grill spices (thanks JoJo!) but we must have since I photographed them :)

Is it done yet?!?!?!

my pretty table setting!!

Soooo good!!!

Mags loved the fact that we were outside playing with her....oh by the way her favorite new toy is my TOES!!! Grrrr!!!
not sure she should be under there!!
now! That's my girl!!! :)

Everything is rolling right along on the wedding front! I have my last shower (tear) this weekend! It is a Pampered Chef one, thrown my Mom-in-law-to-be's friends! Maybe I will learn to cook something else!! The Farmer is coming this Friday to move all my big furniture to his house too!! Wow only like 5 weeks until I officially move!! Time is flying by now!! I still need to get the programs printed and a few other things but for the most part things are looking up!!! :)

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