South Bound!!

That's right!! I am headed home to Mississippi tomorrow 4:00am, is that even considered morning?? They should call it something like "no one should even think about being awake this early" time!!! But...I must leave this early in order to see my nephew, Cade, play baseball! He just made the All-Star team and his first game is tomorrow night!! He's a real super star athlete...he did not get this from me!! hehe! Let's hope he didn't get my math skills either!! Anywho! The other reason I am South Bound (no offense Cade-o, but I don't think I would drive 12+ hours to watch you get all sweaty running around after baseballs, or hitting them, or whatever it is that you do!!! Unless, of course, you told me I was your favorite Aunt and you wanted me to be there...I'm a sucker for the favorite Aunt title!!) is for my Ft. Worth Bachelorette Party!! Oh and I have a shower too!! The shower is Friday night, held by my best friend's (from high school) Mom and some of my Momma's friends...I can't wait!! After the shower we are heading to TX!! I really don't know any of the plans...but who needs them when you are in Ft. Worth!! It is, by far, my most favorite place on earth!!! I have been there tons, but it never gets old!! I will be heading back from my whirlwind trip on Tuesday, so watch for a full update next week!!

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  1. Sounds like fun! Can't wait to hear about it!