Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Pampered Chef Shower!

Wow! What a shower! I actually cooked and racked up on a TON of Pampered Chef items! I honestly could not believe all the fun things I got to order...my shower was a cash shower, so the guests gave me money to go towards the pots and pans I wanted, oh and they all gave me a favorite recipe, written on the cutest cards that fit into a recipe book that the hostess' gave me! Well, not only did I get my 7 piece pots and pan set , I got a stir fry skillet with lid, a trifle bowl, 3 different scoops, set of 3 collapsible bowls, a serving tray thing that you can make into different shapes, a Kernel Cutter, a Core and More (melon baller/strawberry corer), a Finger Guard, a Hold N Slice, a Pizza Cuter, a Serrated Peeler, a V-Shape Cutter, Cookware Protectors, a Drainer, a Specialty Nylon Tool Set, a Kitchen Spritzer, (I really hope the Farmer isn't reading all this!! He left before I started to order all this fun stuff!!), A Large Serving Spatula, a Small Serving Spatula, a Measure All Cup, a Mix N Scraper, Chip Clips, a Small Spreader, a Deluxe Mini Muffin pan, a Mini Tart Shaper, and a Corn Butterer!! I think I may have missed a few things but you get the idea!! I highly recommend having a Pampered Chef Shower...if you are ever asked!! :) When you have a shower in your honor, its the same as being a hostess, so you get all the FABULOUS hostess benefits!! Anywho!! Enough Pampered Chef advertising! Lets chat about me cooking...in front of 20 people!! Yikes!! I'd say I did a pretty good job considering there were no leftovers for the Farmer to sample!! I made these little quiche type things with ham and cheese..they were very yummy!! I don't have the recipe but hopefully my Cousin-to-be will send it to me, since I ordered all the "tools" to make them with!! Here are some pics for your viewing pleasure :)

Me and Melissa!


Me with the Farmer's fab Momma and Grandmas!

Me with the hostesses! Thank yall!! :) Isn't my dress fabulous!?! My Momma got it for me when I was home...I wanted it for the Bahamas, but decided I needed to break it in once before then!

With some of my friends! Minus Cora, she had her baby the night before! :) It looks like I have a basket growing out of my head!

yummy! The ham thing I made is in the right corner!

The recipes and cards!

They all signed my apron!

Thanks to everyone who made my day (and cooking career!!) with this lovely shower!! :)

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