Thursday, June 25, 2009

Rehearsal Dinner!!

I am soo stoked for our Rehearsal Dinner BBQ!!! The Farmer and I both love BBQ, so it was the perfect choice! One of his friends from South Dakota is coming down to start smoking the beef and pork on Thursday night!! The smell alone makes my mouth water!! My Momma-In-Law (to be) is decorating with boots along with pink and green accents!! Soo fun!! I really want to wear boots too, but my dress is just not a "boots dress"...bummer!! Here is the invite..I removed all the stalker friendly info :) I sent the Bridal Brunch Invites out last week so that is one more thing off the list!! Erin (Wedding Fairy, Jr.) printed the programs yesterday, now I have to fold them and attach them to the circles that are all ready cut out!

My apartment is a disaster area! The Farmer will be here tomorrow afternoon with his brother (God bless him!) to pack up everything but the bare necessities. After my Pampered Chef Shower Saturday morning, we will begin the unpacking/re-arranging of the house process! This makes me very nervous! I hate not knowing where things are...ok, ok stay calm...lets just change the subject! Monday we are going to start making some of the mints for the wedding (they can freeze for like 3 months, so we are good there!) and when I say "we" I mean the Farmer's Mom and I...the Farmer will not be allowed within 20 feet of the kitchen...he would literally eat them as fast as we made them!! :)

My HUGE "door length" to-do list is slowly getting marked off!! That makes me happy :) Once I finish the slide show and the programs, I will be very happy!!!

I only have 18 days of work left until I officially move (I will be working from home after the wedding) woohoo!! My Momma is flying in the 24th of July, so she will be here the whole week before the wedding! Hopefully we wont have much to do and can just relax...yeah right!!! Wishful thinking :)

37 more days until I'm Mrs. Farmer!!! ;)

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