Does Ft. Worth Cross Your Mind!!

I can't even tell you how much fun we had!! Mostly because it had been FOREVER since we had all been together!! I can't wait to see them all again at the wedding!! However, I am sad that both of my bachelorette parties are over :( they were soo fun!! You really shouldn't have to get married to have one!! haha! We went to Ft. Worth and a blast!! Take a look at the pics of all the fun stuff we managed to get into!!! Love you girls!!! :)

Our Hotel in Cowtown!!

This was hilarious!! We had soo much stuff!!!


and we all HAD to get on the elevator together!

Soo cute in our T-shirts!!

The backs said Bride's Posse, mine said Sheriff, and my sister's (MOH) said Deputy!!


posing with the Longhorn!!

They got a clown to make me balloon horns to wear! pink and green no less!

having lunch at H3 at the Ft. Worth Stockyards!

My fun presents!!! Not gonna show them all!! Some things should just be left off the blog!!!hehe!!

my fabulous sister reading the "Panty Poem" she made up!! I had to open a bag of panties for every stage of my life, it was super cute!! I will have to post the poem, if I can find it!! She did such a great job with the whole party!! She is the best MOH ever!!

Towards the end of the Poem...something about keeping the spark alive!! Notice love is written in fire!
The very end of the poem...of course Granny Panties!!

ohh lala!
every bride needs an official hat shaper!! :) Luckily I have a former Miss Rodeo Mississippi as a bridesmaid!! haha!

she did a good job!! hugs!!
Shari (and Diane) came up for the Lingerie Shower!!! They looked FAB in their outfits!!

posing with some Old Gringo boots!! I really wanted those pink beauties!! Maybe next time!

At the Cadillac!!!

Blowing my whistle!!

This was perhaps the best part of the whole night!!! haha!!! I have a love affair with's cool, the Farmer knows!! ha!
Ohh did I mention, it was soooo hot!!! I must have sweated off 10 pounds the whole weekend! Not to worry, I gained it back at the Pizza Buffet on the way home!!! ha!

Ohh and we got all dressed up and took Old West Saloon Girl Pics!!!

SOOO fun!!! We had the best time with the photographer, Freddy!! He gave us a bunch of free prints and then we got a CD of the pics!! Woohoo!!
This trip will "cross my mind" for years to come!!! Thanks girls, for making it soo amazing and memorable!! LOVES!!!

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