We'll Saddle Up and Ride on Over!!!!

Yes!!! I got my very first RSVP!!! Soo exciting! Now I can't wait to check the mail everyday!

I decided I needed some sort of chart to keep track of everything...the online stuff just isn't for me, I need to be able to see it and write on it myself...anyway this is what I came up with! Jen just loves the new artwork in the apartment! We might as well be running a wedding planning business out of our home...ohh well only 58 more days of this madness!!

I finished the Rehearsal Dinner Invites, but I'm not gonna post them until they get sent...ohh the suspense, hehe! Hopefully this weekend I can get the cake, caterer, and florist finalized....I have a big project due at work , so that is putting a damper on my plans, grrrrr! Ohh and we have our final marriage counseling with the Pastor on Sunday...I think there may be a test, I hope we don't fail!!! ;) AND I finally found a cake topper!! It is a black "M" and they even had the font (pristina) that my M logo is done in!! Soo fun!! Pics to come when it arrives!

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